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Corporate Wellness in Ponsonby

person having neck adjustedBeing sick and unwell can cost any sized business devastating losses. Employers face reduced profit, productivity and performance as a result.

In New Zealand, the estimated working hours lost in 2004-2005 equal $4.127 billion to $11.563 billion and 2.7% to 7.6% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (Holt, H. 2010).

Evidence suggests that the longer a person is absent from work because of their lower back pain, the greater the risk is of the pain becoming chronic, as well as that, the absenteeism will become permanent (Hagen EM, et al., 2003)

Employers cannot afford to ignore this alarming trend.

How Can We Develop Healthier, More Productive Workplaces?

The first step is empowering your employees with the tools and knowledge necessary to make positive lifestyle changes. At The Chiropractice, we offer customised workplace health and performance management programmes for both employees and employers. We provide three options to assist you in building an energised, profitable and thriving team:

  • Lunch Break Seminar
  • On-site Spinal Screening
  • Workplace Ergonomic Wellness Assessments
Many clients report improvements in their overall wellbeing: that they are more relaxed (Williams, et al. 2007), have better concentration, are more energised and enjoy increased immunity (Brennan 1992), vitality and performance.

Why Chiropractic?

Our chiropractor, Dr Keenan can help you boost your potential for optimal wellbeing, naturally. Our bodies are finely tuned instruments, coordinated by the nervous system. Gentle chiropractic care can assist in restoring this balance. It may improve low back pain (Garner, et al. 2007), headaches and migraines (Tuchin, et al. 2000), neck and back pain (McMorland & Suter, 2000), OOS, asthma (Alcantara, et al. 2012), carpal tunnel syndrome (Davis, et al. 1998), allergies and much more.

Ways Your Organisation Can Benefit

The Chiropractice has provided screenings and seminars for places such as Withers and Tsang accountants, health and sports gyms and many other companies and groups.

We’ll help you show concern for the health and welfare of your employees, likely see a reduction in sick days and help you in building a thriving, healthy and productive community.


The Lunch Break Seminar

Our most popular programme, it’s informative, entertaining and provides employees with the tools to immediately implement positive lifestyle changes. With these alterations, you’ll see increased productivity and improve your company’s bottom line. We’ll present on a variety of topics:

  • Create exercise in your work day
  • Create healthy rest and sleep behaviours
  • Ergonomics
  • Get more out of lunch
  • Stress

A healthy lunch for the attendees is included and usually followed by our spinal screening.
Duration: 20-30 minutes

Workplace Ergonomic Wellness Assessments

Our chiropractor visits your workplace, observing to gather data on employees’ work environment, habits and responsibilities. From this data, we can establish any areas of physical or emotional stress. Feedback will be given to management and employees, including recommendations for improvements and upgrades.
Duration: 1-2 hours

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