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Chiropractic Care

Providing Low Force Chiropractic

There’s nothing unsafe about manual adjustments, but it can be a little rough, like shouting at the body. In contrast, The Chiropractice offers low force methods as a way to quietly converse with the natural rhythms of the body and negotiate whole-body healing.

Low force chiropractic care in Ponsonby can help you achieve quantifiable results through objective measurements that compare your progress over time. Those who have had long-standing chronic physical issues and those who deal with stress or anxiety find this method helps them reconnect with their body’s needs and regain their health.

Healing in a Whole New Way

When your nervous system is stressed in everyday life, your body and brain will start to work in parts rather than as a whole. With low force chiropractic care, we teach the body to take care of itself and work as a whole.

It is a different, higher-IQ method of healthcare. General chiropractic deals with the nerves that leave the spine, while low force takes advantage of natural rhythms in the body and works with the tension on the spinal cord.

The principle is that by working one step higher up the neural control system of the body, we do not have to be as forceful. Most low-force adjustments happen through an instrument or even just pressure applied by fingers.

An Analogy to Picture the Process

We like to imagine the brain as the computer and the body as the keyboard. You don’t need to hit the keys hard to type letters that create words and sentences; you just need to select the right ones in the correct order.
Similarly, if we work with the natural wisdom of the body and use a lower level of force that it can understand, it is more likely to be receptive to the care. Your body may even use its own movement to help with the adjustment and continue its positive effect after you’ve left our office.

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