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Meet Chiropractor Dr. Sally McKerrow

dr-sallyAs a Doctor of Chiropractic, I think of life as a journey characterised by amazing opportunities and tremendous challenges. From this perspective, ‘health’ is more than the mere absence of disease, it’s being able to get the greatest possible value from the trip.

To me, being healthy is about thinking clearly, sleeping soundly, and moving with ease. It’s about children reaching their developmental milestones and growing into well-adjusted, socially adept adults. It’s about being able to handle stressful situations – such as the pain and distress of back pain – and bouncing back resiliently to face the next challenge.

Chiropractic Education

After graduating from the NZ College of Chiropractic in 2008, Dr McKerrow interned at the Institute of Functional Neuroscience in Perth, Australia, which specialises in treating patients with abnormal brain function. She took what she learned into general practice and has developed a special interest in chronic pain and neuroplastic healing.

Fast-forward ten years and Dr McKerrow is back in New Zealand, working alongside Dr Todd Keenan at The Chiropractice. Dr McKerrow is also on the staff of the NZ College of Chiropractic where she supervises and mentors fourth and fifth-year interns through their clinical rotations. She continues to develop her diagnostic and clinical reasoning skills and is currently studying at the University of Auckland toward post-graduate qualifications in Clinical Education.

Dr McKerrow has been registered with the Australian and NZ Chiropractic Boards since graduation, and currently holds an Annual Practising Certificate with EVT Certification in New Zealand. Dr Sally is also an ACC-registered Chiropractor, and a qualified Chiropractic (neuromusculoskeletal) Radiologist.

1. Dr McKerrow has been in practice for 10 years, working in NZ and Australia in single and multi-disciplinary practices

2. In 2011, she interned at the Institute of Functional Neurosciences in Perth under the tutelage of Dr Randy Beck, a leader in the field of functional neurology and clinical neuroplasticity

3. Her post-graduate work has focused on the neurology of chiropractic and how spinal adjustments interact with the brain to create postural and alignment change

4. She has been committed to holistic healthcare – a form of healing which considers the whole person; body, mind and spirit – since a country childhood when wide-open spaces, organic vegetables and free-range eggs were the norm

5. She combines a surety in her work with a passion for teaching that will inspire you to ‘get your body back’

We Are Here To Help

We are here to help anyone frustrated by conventional approaches to spinal control problems. If you have a spine-related problem and are looking for answers, The Chiropractice can help. If you are concerned – or just curious – about posture, balance, speed, agility, resilience, muscle-recovery, or sports performance, we can help you.

Dr McKerrow’s skills lie in re-patterning the brain to restore healthy, functional control of the spine. But it wasn’t until she heard a patient say, “thank you for giving me my body back” that she came to understand the true impact of what she does as a chiropractor. To heal the rift between mind and body is a powerful concept, and one she aspires to help others to achieve on a daily basis.

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